Watching and listening to my daughter led me to become a voice and advocate for children who struggle daily with sensory issues and their journeys with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Emelie was the inspiration for me to pen this book. She had shown me insight into her world that I felt compelled to write and keep safe. Out of those insights, a book developed and grew.


Around her twelfth birthday, I was rereading these jewels and realized a pattern was established. Had I been more aware of these things when she was a younger age, I could have assisted my daughter through the challenges and daily struggles with sensory issues. Piecing together the written memories, a message was there, ready and waiting to be heard. As Emelie shared her voice with us, we wanted to share her voice with you.


From a child's perspective, this book shows insight into the daily challenges and issues that are abounding around children living with sensory issues and/or Autism. It's her voice crying for understanding from those who can't understand and shouting support for those who may feel they are alone. From the adult perspective, it's a guide into one child's world.


Emelie's voice to adults is that seeking patience, compassion and understanding. She's asking adults to look deeper into the experiences of the children in their lives and see it through the eyes of that child. While each child with Autism and sensory issues is in a unique and diversified situation, to even have the notion or inkling of what may be happening, I believe would have helped anyone in their interactions with Emelie.